Sep 11, 2012

Celebrating One Year

Thanks so much for the congratulations on our one year anniversary! To celebrate, we went to our new favorite special occasion restaurant, Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino (there's also one in San Francisco). I hate that it's a special occasion place only for us because I could certainly eat like that every single night of the week. Of course, I'd be 50 pounds overweight, but I'd be a happy little overweight girl. Oh, and I'd be poor.

For Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. we usually decide to not get each other gifts and use that money towards travel instead. Besides, we really don't need or want much, and when we find something we want, we usually just go ahead and buy it. So our no gift policy is always understood.

Except Brandon H. Falls breaks it every.single.time. I'm not complaining except he makes me look like a jerk.

A jerk with a fancy pants new watch.

Kate Spade Watch

My husband is a Pinterest stalker. Gotta love that man. I should just go ahead and rename my Shopping List board to Brandon, Go Here First.

So after the shock and the fake scolding ("We said no gifts. How dare you?") and gushing and thanking him, we enjoyed an our Japanese-inspired meal at Alexander's.

Just as incredible as I remembered it last time. The theme was apparently cucumbers, which if you know me at all, cucumbers rank up there with lemon desserts - I love them. (We even had cucumber infused water at our wedding because I'm obsessed.) So all the little appetizers and the world's most amazing palate cleanser (cucumber lime coconut drink) were cucumber-based. I was in heaven. For our main meal, we went with steaks (obviously) and the carbiest sides you can think of: mashed potatoes and gravy (with potato chips on top!) and truffled mac and cheese.

But I think the real star of the show was how they end every single meal and Alexander's: cotton candy. Yes, this upscale (yet, somehow not pretentious at all) steakhouse, serves cotton candy. Gourmet cotton candy.

Cotton Candy at Alexander Steakhouse

Last night's flavor was apricot and was every bit as amazing as you could imagine.

Here's to another great year of marriage and many more!

[Please excuse me while I start researching the most elaborate and best gift I can find. Christmas is only three months away and I'm breaking the rules.]


  1. It's already been a year? Are you sure? That kind of flew by!

    PS- I know nothing about jewelry, but LOVE your new watch!

  2. What a fun time!! I have never been there before! I need to check that place out. He did a great job with that watch!!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! He's so sweet to do that kind of thing for you :) And it's so cool that that you can get cotton candy at a restaurant like that!

  4. Beautiful watch! And beautiful cotton candy. :)

    Now, off to find some cucumbers...


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