Aug 27, 2012

Worth Mentioning Monday

Because it's Monday and because I can barely form a complete sentence on less than six hours of sleep, let's enjoy a post of random thoughts; things that don't really deserve a post to themselves, but are worth mentioning. You may or may not disagree with this statement. Humor me. It's Monday.

1. I never watched Felicity back in the day. I think it was on when I was in high school and I just couldn't relate. And I was far too into myself back then to appreciate Keri Russell's beautiful head of hair. But Felicity can now be found on Netflix Streaming and I spent all night last night watching it. Since I apparently enjoy writing letters (particularly about college), here's my letter to Felicity:

Dear Felicity, 

Ben is not your type. Quit wasting your time on a boy who doesn't see your obvious beauty (I mean, your hair is just utterly striking) over that of the Pink Power Ranger. Too bad Noel has a girlfriend, because he's pretty much practically perfect in every way. The Mary Poppins of college boys. 

Also, how is your dorm room so big? I mean, not only is it big for a college dorm, but a college dorm in New York? Oh and I worked in a coffee shop during college, too! You make it look way more glamourous than it really was. 

2. I am pleased to read that Johnson and Johnson will be working to remove all harsh chemicals from their products, according to this article. This is great news, because I love J&J and especially their Aveeno line, which is cheap and carries perfume-free products. 

3. You guys. This blog. This cottage. I cannot stop drooling. A new favorite. 

And today they announced they are selling that beautiful little house. I wonder how much begging it would take for me to persuade Brandon to move to Alabama. 

4. Northern Californians, I have a burger debate for you. In N Out versus Five Guys. 

I don't know about you, but my recent re-discovery of Five Guys has changed everything. I attribute it to the fact that you can get bacon on your burgers.


Have you ever watched Felicity?

In N Out or Five Guys? This is an either/or question. Do not throw in Unami Burger, The Counter or some other over-priced burger joint. 


  1. 5 Guys. No contest.

    Well, unless I get to pick San Diego chain Burger Lounge. That takes the cake for all of them. I mean, you can't go wrong with any of them. But 5 Guys fries? Yeah!

    1. I agree! Five Guys is Everything from the peanuts to the fact that they serve Diet Sprite. In love.

  2. Comparing In n Out and Five Guys is like comparing apples and oranges. Two totally different styles of burger - just depends what you are in the mood for!

  3. I've never had Five Guys OR In N Out! Shameful, I know. We don't have an In N Out here, but there's definitely a Five Guys right down the road from me.

    1. I would say that I'm shocked, but it has taken me six years to try Five Guys (again). We had one in college and I only went once because I was cheap.

      Speaking of greasy food, we finally have Chick Fil A out here in the Bay Area! I may or may not have waited in line for 20 minutes...which is nothing to the couple we met there who had driven over an hour...

  4. I love Five Guys. I love that when you walk into Five Guys, they tell you where the potatoes for the FRESHLY-CUT FRIES came from. Usually, it's pretty close to my Dad's hometown in potato-growing country in Ideeho. I like that!

    But In n Out has those chocolate shakes...

    1. Yes! The potato sourcing is really interesting AND we forgot to mention the free peanuts while you wait!

      Oooh, In N Out shakes are kind of amazing too...

  5. I have never had either one of these!! :( I feel like such a loser! haha!

    1. Haha. I wouldn't say you are a loser, but I think I could say that you are a bit healthier than I am, because I love burger places! :)


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