Aug 3, 2012

Posts and Pins

I'm not going to make this a new "series" for the blog, because I tend to start those and never really continue with them, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of best of the Internet this week. 

Posts and Articles

  • Would you freeze your eggs in order to focus on your career and not have to worry about infertility as you grow older? Some women are and I Eat Asphalt discusses it and the hurry that comes with being a 20's something woman. 
  • We know rest days  are important, but what about rest weeks? Tina, from Best Body Fitness describes how sometimes they are necessary and actually healthy incorporate in your routine. 
  • Is this cottage for real? And could I for real rent it? Kate Winslet apparently did. 
  • McKayla Maroney may have only competed on the vault (a freaking gorgeous and perfect vault) for the US Women's Gymnastics team, but she's pretty much a rockstar to me. 

The Pretty. Are these not the most gorgeous earrings you've ever seen? My birthday is October 27.

The Smart. Fill with half white vinegar and half shower cleaner (I like Method's minty one). Quickly wipe down shower while you are in there.

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

The Sleek. Claimed to be the best shade (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) of paint color you can buy.

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

The Truth. 

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