Aug 21, 2012

Mint Condition Part IV: How Much Did It Cost?

Ikea Lack Table Hack-22

If there's one thing I'd like for you to know about this project it is this: DIY is not least initially. If you are like me and don't have many painting tools sitting around, then you are about to go into shock at the Home Depot checkout counter.

So basically this budget lowdown includes everything you need for this project. I had literally nothing starting this project besides one ugly little Lack table in brown/black that cost me 7.99 about two years ago.

The initial budget: $50

What I spent: $82

Must refrain from making this face on the blog 0_0. Too late. I did.

Here's where the money went:

LACK side table - 8.65

Home Depot:
2" utility brush - 2.97
Liquid Nails - 2.78
2" whitebrush (used for primer) - 1.15
plastic drop cloth - 1.98
3 100 grit sandpaper sheets - 3.97
1 quart of Zinsser Cover Stain Primer - 8.88
1 quart Behr Premium Plus paint - 11.68

Orchard Supply Hardware Trip 1: 
1 quart Minwax Polcrylic Protective Finish - ~18.00
2" Purdy paintbrush - ~11.18

Orchard Supply Hardware Trip 2 (after I ruined my brushes)
2"paintbrush - 10.83
GRAND TOTAL - $82.07

I could have easily saved myself $20 by not ruining my original brushes. Still beating myself up over that.

If you already have paint brushes, sand paper, and primer (which I think most people who own homes do), this would have been a very cheap project, by just buying the paint and Minwax.

Ikea Lack Table Hack-12

That being said, I have about 90% of primer, paint, and Minwax left and those items will get me through at least 5-7 more small projects I'm assuming. That's pretty awesome.

Ikea Lack Table Hack-15

Now, I just need to find other pieces of furniture that I want to paint baby blue (again, not a huge fan of how Behr Tide Pools turned out). I wonder if I could take it to Home Depot and have them mix in some other colors to change it. Anyone know if that's a possibility?

Let also me remind you that the inspiration for this project came from this table from West Elm, which is sold for around $140 (couldn't find the exact figure online).

parson side table cube

So, considering that and the fact that I now have a all the supplies I need to paint more stuff, and adding  that I really enjoyed (most of) the project, I think I did okay.

Do you find that sometimes DIY ends up costing you more than you expect? Tell me your story so I will feel about better about busting my budget!

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