Aug 30, 2012

$130.00 in August

I thought it might be fun to you show a home improvement/home decor budget recap each month. Basically a "This is what you can do/buy for this amount of money" breakdown. It'll be interesting to see how dramatic or undramatic the changes are based on the amount of money I spend.

After tinkering with my budget for the past few weeks and challenging myself to once and for all stick to it, I've settled on a $130 home improvement and home decor budget for the month of August. And here is what it gave me:

$130 in August 2012

1. {Purchase} striped rug (Joss and Main) for under the kitchen sink - $38
    Striped Kitchen Rug
    [had just unrolled it, it has since flattened out]

    2. {Project} Repainted and assembled a new nightstand (Ikea) - $84

    Ikea Lack Table Hack-23

    3. {Purchase} succulent plant (Trader Joe's) - $8

    Trader Joe's Plant-1

    That's it. Yes, the Ikea table makeover was over budget (I originally set it for $50) and pretty expensive overall, but, it included a lot essential painting items that I did not currently own (and I also ruined two brushes and had to buy a third). Now, when I decide to paint something else, it will be on the cheap. 

    So August did not include very many dramatic changes for the amount of money, but other months, when I'm purchasing small, cheaper items and using the paint I already have, there will be a bigger overall effect.


    I haven't set my monthly budget for September yet, but here's what I think will give me the most bang for my buck:

    $??? in September 2012
    • Purchase a new throw pillow for the couch and add current dark blue pillow to bedroom. I like this one and this one
    • Add curtain rod and curtains to living room to hide vertical blinds - this will make a very dramatic difference! 
    • Spray paint some stuff. I have a bowl, an urn and lots of old photo frames that need to be transformed.

    I'm pretty excited to see what kind of changes we can make around here for in or around $130 each month (I'm guessing that's what it'll be close to). It'll keep me motivated to make sure that I'm getting the best price possible for things and to pay attention to sales. I also think, which is true for any budget, that it will help me from mindlessly spending money on things that I don't need, want or really like. Stay tuned for how September shapes up!


    1. I like the sound of this new feature! The succulent plant is so cute! I've recently learned I love to spray paint and had never tried it before until last weekend and now I'm trying to think up excuses so I can do some more, haha.

      1. I have so many old ugly things that I'm transforming with spray paint. Cannot wait.

        And I'm really excited about your door hinges....

    2. Love your additions... can you come help me??? ;)

      1. Haha. Shh, don't tell anyone, but I have no idea what in the world I'm doing! Just learning as I go and picking out things I like!

    3. Smart to keep a budget for these types of can be challenging for sure, but even if you set a number and go a little over, you will have been more mindful of money and not that one item you HAD TO HAVE. (Does that even make sense?)

      I can't wait to have a home of my own to work on so I will live vicariously through you for now. ;)

      1. Yes, just being mindful has been helping me already with budgeting. And I make sure that each purchase has a purpose!


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