Jul 20, 2012

My Two New Vacation Essentials

The Outer Banks. Hatteras Island. OBX. HI.

Outer Banks 2012-20

Greatest place on Earth (despite Hurricane-damaged piers.).

Whatever you like to call it, that's where I was last week (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know this).  I sincerely love that place and now that I'm back to fall-like temps here in the Bay Area, I'm in post-vacation mourning, aka, post-beach-stress-disorder (almost DSM IV-certifiable for all you Psych nerds like myself).

While I sort through 8GB of photos to share later this week, I thought I'd chat about two new products I purchased that made my already amazing vacation even more wonderful. I don't often promote products unless I really love something; I just wanted to say "Hey, these are awesome" so you can possibly get in on the action as well.

1. Say Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

yes to cucumbers wipes 1

I "said yes" to this line of a products a few years ago when they caught my eye on Target shelves. The carrot line sort of scared me at first (do I really want to smell like a carrot?), but once the cucumber line was released, I was sold. After all, cucumbers are my favorite food.

  • Easy, like Sunday morning. I wanted a vacation from my daily face washing routine (it is usually intense) and these fit the bill. 
  • Portability - one less heavy bottle to carry-on the airplane.
  • Natural - no funky chemicals allowed.
  • Refreshing feeling and smell. I'm super sensitive to most perfumes, but the scent of these is pretty light and doesn't give me a migraine.
  • Cleans off makeup easily. No raccoon eyes despite my two coats of mascara.
  • No so environmentally-friendly - they produce a lot of waste, so I won't use them on a regular basis - just for trips.

yes to cucumbers wipes 2

I even tossed them in my beach bag to wipe off salt water and sand from my face.

2. Drawstring Jewelry Pouch by Radish


Let's face it, I'm a new Joss & Main* junkie. I stalk the home goods site frequently (everyday), but haven't purchased anything until I saw this little lifesaver. My necklaces and earrings are always getting into a tangled mess during travel and I often don't even bother wearing them. Until now. It only takes a little $12 purchase to make my day.

*disclosure: by clicking that link and signing up with Joss & Main, your purchases may give me credit on my account.

  • Squishy. Many jewelry cases are hard, boxy and therefore difficult to pack. This is tiny and fits anywhere, even your purse. 
  • Holds up to 12 pieces of jewelry. If you need anymore than that for a vacation, that's just ridiculous. Now shoes on the other hand...
  • Works. No tangles. 
  • Cute. Yellow is my signature color. At least for this year. 
  • Err, none? I love this little guy.

As you can see, there a little pockets for your jewelry. Since my rings are tiny (literally, I'm a size 3.5), I found space for my ring pouch on the bottom. Everything felt safe and secure once I drew up the strings.

So like I said, I'll be back sometime soon with more vacation recaps and photos. Until then, I have an empty fridge to stock, Downton Abbey to get addicted to, and a pile of laundry taller than me.


  1. I can't wait to see your vacation pics!!! You look stunning. The hubby and I thought about going to the Outer Banks this year, but neither of us had been there before!

  2. Get on that Downtown Abbey!

    I LOVE that jewelry bag. Since most of my jewelry is cheap, and leaning towards the 'costume' variety, I don't always worry so much about it, but the no tangles pockets on that (and how cute it is) make me WANT. Do they have it in green?


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