Jul 22, 2012

I'm Going to Bootcamp!

Seeing how much I enjoyed sticking to and seeing results from Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up, signing up for bootcamp was a no brainer. Walking around mindlessly at the gym is a problem I often have and following a detailed plan of action is the key to solving it. 

Since bootcamp starts tomorrow, I've been prepping away this weekend:

  • Stocked fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on. 
  • Ordered a new canister of Fitmixer's Amino Acid
  • Ordered a new case of The Simply Bar (coconut lemon) for a quick protein fix. 
  • Purchased some (doctor recommended) glucosamine and fish oil supplements.
  • Marked my Google Calendar with my workout schedule and studied the workout moves I'm not familiar with. 
  • Selected two goals for the first two weeks: taking my vitamins and supplements each day and not eating two hours before bedtime. 

I had a doctor visit on Friday because of some re-occuring knee problems. Knee problems run rampant in my family (in fact, my little brother had an appointment for his knee that very same day) and I figure its best to start caring for them now to prevent further injury later and hopefully avoiding a knee replacement like my mom and aunt. 

Jumping, lunges, walking up and down the stairs...have all been painful for me lately. My doctor (a sports medicine doc) suggested I take a glucosamine supplement in addition to my fish oil supplement, hence one of my goals for bootcamp. He also is having me concentrate on building up the muscle around my knees by doing weight lifting and low impact cardio. Most of my cardio for this bootcamp will be on the elliptical and spin bike. As much as I have enjoyed running lately, I will lay off a bit per his orders.

I'm ready to tackle this challenge, make my goals turn into habits and start seeing some results in my endurance, strength and flexibility! Anyone else joining me?


  1. I totally forgot to sign up for bootcamp Friday!! NOOO.... :( I also had a knee appointment Friday. Mine is my IT band. It is a stinker. I hope the glucosamine supplement works for you!

    1. I hope your knee gets better as well! I'm sure there will be more bootcamps in the future - Tina has had great success with them so far!

  2. I haven't done one of these bootcamps, but I've been thinking I do need a kick with my strength training. Since I've started to run A LOT more than ever before, I am craving another shake up in the routine.

    YES for fitmixer and Simply Bar! I think those are my two favorite products from Blend. I've been rationing my fitmixer like CRAZY.

    I hope your knee issues go away. At least it's easy to read trashy magazines on the elliptical.


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