Jul 31, 2012

House Hunting Part II: Well, That's a Perk

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I've been asked to expand a bit more on our House Hunting experience, but unfortunately, not too much to report on right now. The inventory in the neighborhoods we are looking at is really low and many houses are being purchased over asking price. Recession, what?

But, who says we can't have a little fun with this daunting experience? Below, I've come up with a list of my dream house perks. We aren't talking indoor pools and bowling alley's here, but more like the little things that make a house unique, but are by no means necessary. A girl can dream, right?

Things I'd love to have in my new house, but are absolutely unnecessary...

1. Window in my shower


During my last year of college, I rented a little duplex with a friend and even though the place was incredibly icky (I cried while cleaning out the fridge with a bottle of Clorox), it had this awesome feature, a window in the shower.

I used to love taking long hot showers, shower radio blasting, while watching it snow outside. It was the perfect way to start my day. So a window in my shower would be awesome. As would snow here in the Bay Area.

2. Built-In Shelving


There's nothing that says "custom-built" and character like built in shelving. I am picky about what I like though (I can be picky when I'm making a list for my dream house, right?). A full wall of built-ins can be overwhelming and easily look messy, but just a few, modest built-ins for books, photos and baskets really adds a lot to a room. And is oh-so functional.

3. Back staircase leading to the kitchen


There is something so incredibly charming about having two staircases in a house. My favorite movie houses usually have them (Father of Bride and Stepmom come to mind). One will be at the front entrance of course and the other would be a back staircase leading into the kitchen. I can almost hear the pitter patter of toddler feet goldendoodle puppy paws padding down the stairs for breakfast.

4. Sun Porch

Do I really need to explain why? Well if you must...for sipping sweet tea, getting lost in a book, and taking an afternoon nap with the Goldendoodle, who I have named Beau. So Southern.

This is (fictional) Beau. He's fully potty trained, doesn't shed, stays off our bed, and enjoys cuddling on the sun porch.

I hope you enjoyed your stay at my dream house and if your home has the perks I've listed above, first of all, hide your dog so I don't steal him, and please don't think less of me when while I stand there drooling over your built in china cabinet. 

What kind of perks or unique elements would you have in your dream house?


  1. window in my shower is one of mine too! my last apartment in Denver had one and it was amazing plus there was a big tiled windowsill I could put all my shampoo/body wash on. and it snows here and was AMAZING :) also... I'd like to have a huge exposed brick wall. like, 2 stories of just exposed brick. love it! good luck searching.

  2. These are great perks! I don't know about the window in the shower... I would be afraid someone might see me! Lol

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