Jul 29, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp - Week One Thoughts

Week One of bootcamp: check.

My Thoughts:

  1. Ouch. After the first two strength workouts, I was incredibly sore. Remind me to never take a long break from weightlifting again. It could have been worse, I only had the weeble walk going on and was able to stretch most of the soreness out. 
  2. I was a little disappointed that I didn't stick to the schedule how I wanted. There were two days where I skipped my workouts completely and made them up this weekend. That's totally fine by the rules, but I know I'll feel the best (physically and mentally) if I stay to the schedule. But I also know not to beat myself up too much. Life happens. 
  3. I love  heading to the gym with a plan of action. I feel so much more efficient and productive. 
  4. I highly recommend using the phone app JEFIT for you to track your workouts. I simply plug the workouts into the website and it syncs with my phone. It also allows you to easily record your weights and reps. 
  5. Lifting heavy makes me feel like superwoman. Much more than any run ever has. 
  6. My runs are slow, because I'm keeping it easy on the old knee, but mostly, I'm just out of running shape. Though, with the way I'm panting, they are definitely effective runs. 
  7. Not sure if its the Olympics or the bum knee, but I really have a desire to get into swimming. But I'm scared. I know how to swim, just not how to swim for fitness. Do they make adult floaties? Can I use a noodle in the pool? So much anxiety. So many questions. 
  8. Today when I ran, even at my snail-pace, I pretended I was in the Olympics. Tell me I'm not the only one. 

My Goals:

If you remember, my two goals are:
  1. Remember to take all my supplements and vitamins each day. Check. I completed this each day this week and my knees thank me. 
  2. No eating two hours before bedtime. Check 6 out of 7 days. For me, bedtime is usually 11pm, so I try not to eat anything past 9pm. Why? I have trouble digesting food after I lay down and to be honest, when I eat that late, it's rarely because of hunger. It's just something to do while I watch Downton Abbey other than scream at the TV when when yet another horrible thing happens to Bates. Guy doesn't get a break. 
[Edited to update]
I will continue to do these goals for Week Two of BBB as well. I don't plan to change them until I feel they have truly become a new habit. If anything, I might add an additional goal soon. 

Do you pretend you are in the Olympics to push yourself while working out? Come on. 'Fess up. 


  1. lol.. love this!! I have been taking it really slow with exercise lately, but if power walking was in the olympics... I would so pretend! I actually was thinking about hitting up the pool too after watching the olympics! haha..

    1. Haha. Actually, I believe power walking IS in the Olympics (let me Google that)....

      Oh my goodness. It is and is called "racewalking". Who knew? I'm rooting for you in the 2016 games ;)

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the program, and adapting it how you need to.

    I am SOOOO bad about not eating before bedtime. I really need to curb my nighttime eating habits.

    I need more of a weight training plan of attack. Perhaps I need to try a boot camp one of these 'rounds.' :)


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