Jun 24, 2012

Summer Shape Up Progress Report Two

{ In case you missed my previous post, I've been following Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up plan and bringing back old healthy habits. }

chicken salad

Summer Shape Up Workouts
I'm proud to say that I've been fully committed to all the Summer Shape Up Workouts and haven't missed a single day. I did have to switch Friday's workout to yesterday, but that was the only small change I had to make. [It was the strangest thing; I came home from work around 5:30pm and before I knew it, I was asleep on the bed. Brandon woke me up around 10:00pm and I couldn't believe I had slept the whole evening away! I guess I was needing the extra hours.]

But back to workouts. I used to think it was so difficult to get a workout in my already packed scheduled. Some days I go into work at 7:30am only to leave at 6pm. The last thing I want to do is hit the gym, but I find myself actually craving to go.

And because of this new found commitment, I see my workouts improving already (after only two weeks!). I'm running a tad bit faster, my pushups are becoming stronger and I have much more endurance. I've also fallen in love with Bulgarian split squats. They work your glutes like no other and I plan to incorporate them in my regular workouts after Summer Shape Up is over.

Any body changes? Since my scale is all over the place lately, so I'm relying more on my tape measure and how my clothes fit to measure success. We went clothes shopping yesterday it was actually a really pleasant experience, bathing suits and all. (Yes, I bought two more, but they were only $10 each!). The downfall when everything fits? The damage on the credit card bill.

Whole 30 Eating Plan
Weekends are usually a weak spot for me. I tend to over-indulge and completely offset the hard work I do during the week - workout- and eating-wise. However; this weekend I was determined to splurge only on the foods I really wanted (I'm talking about you, tres leches cake) and balance things out with meals that are just as healthy as the ones I eat during the week.

The key to this, as I mention in my previous post, is planning. Making lists, grocery shopping and food prep are pretty darn important. We are within walking distance of a Subway (not that Subway isn't healthy, but I think I can do better...), that can be very tempting on days when we have no food, but with a full stocked fridge of leftovers and fresh produce, there's no excuse.


Food prepping takes time, but when I get a hankering for a snack, fresh strawberries, cut up cucumbers or handful of cauliflower usually do the trick.

Wait. Stop the Bus. Are you cutting carbs? How is that healthy?

I know there's a lot of controversy over Paleo and Whole 30 eating (the names are fairly interchangeable). Basically, you are cutting out a major food groups: legumes, dairy, and grains. Some say that you are cutting out healthy foods that you must have as a part of a healthy diet.

But to answer my own question...nope, I'm not "cutting carbs". Fruit has carbs. Vegetables have carbs. My 10-15% leeway almost always consists of some type of carb; whether it be beans, whole grain breads or like I mentioned, tres leches cake :)

All I know is that healthy for me is much different than someone else's healthy and vice versa. I've tried vegan and vegetarian eating and it did not work for me (but it may work for you and that's great!). Whole 30 with some wiggle room (or benefits, as some say) makes me feel at my healthiest. So, with that in mind, could you please pass the bacon?



  1. I'm so glad you are loving summer shape up! I tried the side plank thing from week 2... totally couldn't do it! haha!

    1. Oh gosh those star planks? Killer. I had to do the modified version, so dont beat yourself up. Crazy hard!

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