Jun 17, 2012

Summer Shape Up Progress Report One

{ In case you haven't caught my last post, I've been following Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up plan and working on bringing back old healthy habits.  }


Summer Shape Up Workouts

Guys. I have renewed my love of the treadmill. Wait. I don't think I've ever loved the treadmill (or running for that matter), but that might have changed.

For today's workout, I planned to do 30-45 minutes of steady cardio. Since I pretty much suffer from adult ADD, I knew I'd have to split this up, using a couple different cardio machines. This new-to-me treadmill was the first one I stepped on. It's called the Woodway Desmo Elite and is unique in that fact that the treads are built like that of a bulldozer or army tank. 

The best way I can explain the experience, with a bit of exaggeration, is like running on air. My knees have been hinting that I'm close to 30 and haven't been cooperating all that much lately. I stepped on this beauty and said goodbye to any knee discomfort. On top of that, the controls are easy and convenient for sprints, as it speeds up and slows down quickly and easily. I foresee some really good HIIT sessions on this beast. 

Whole 30 Eating Plan

I am fairly pleased that I kept to my eating plan this week (the Whole 30 plan at about 85%). I feel like my old self again and actually look forward to my workouts and food prep. On top of matters, I have lost a few pounds and my clothes are already fitting better (which is probably all in my head, but I'll take it).

I found that the true key for me to staying healthy is planning, planning, planning. I've been marking my workouts on my calendar, writing grocery lists and getting the full $25 dollars worth out of my Crock Pot. 

crock pot

When I don't have a refrigerator full of healthy food, I'm much more inclined to eat out and make poor choices, so I've been prepping my fruit and veggies as soon as I bring them home from the grocery store. Now, its just as easy to grab a handful of grapes as it is a handful of chips. 


We did eat out twice and I helped myself to some yummy pepperoni pizza and a petite filet dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse (including cotton candy!), but since I'm not being 100% strict with the eating plan, these treats were enjoyed immensely with no guilt. 

Foods I've Been Enjoying
  • Cherries and berries. They are in season and so good right now!
  • Crock Pot meals: beef stew, turkey taco meat and I plan to make a chicken veggie soup
  • Watermelon
  • Trader Joe's pre-cooked bacon - so easy to heat up and no nitrates!
  • Pickles
  • Cucumbers 
  • Raw cauliflower


Can't reiterate enough how great I feel just after one week of healthy eating and consistent workouts. I hope my habits stick and become second nature again. 


  1. Sounds great girl!! Those cherries look delish! I wish I could say my eating and workouts have been going that great. lol!

  2. Glad you are feeling so great! Loving cherry season right now too!

  3. Yay! Everything sounds like it is right on track. I am shocked and appalled at myself for not buying ANY cherries this season, especially since the cherry pitter is my favorite kitchen tool EVER. [Well, aside from my food processor...]

    Pickled anything is what I've been craving...I even made dill pickle kale chips yesterday, but they got a little TOO toasty, so I'm going to try again. :)

    1. I need a cherry pitter in my life. I have been using a ramekin to spit my seeds in.

      I am picky about my pickles (alliteration entirely for you, Miss Smart) and will only eat dill spear cut pickled cucumbers. I have feeling you are more open about your choices (cough, dill nutty butter, cough).


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