Jun 10, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend was married on Memorial Day weekend. [Cue tears] We have been friends since middle school and she is one of those very few people who I can spend hours upon hours with and still have things to talk about. I know that's rare. We were college roommates, travel buddies, and that type of person who you call up on some random Tuesday to walk around the town with or watch a cheesy girl movie.

So yeah. She got married and I was happy as a clam to be apart of her big day.


We had a little party for her the night before the wedding, with gifts of course.


And laughter.


And yes, board games. We are the coolest.


Out of all wedding photos, I think my favorite shots are of the bride and groom getting ready. You can see all of their anticipation and can't help but smile at how excited they must be in that moment.


I am so happy we took five seconds to snap this photo of us! Please, no comments on my stature, or lack there of. Oh and note the lipstick, its a rare occurrence for the both of us. Took it up a notch for my best friend's day.


Ladies, just swoon with me here for a second. How adorable are these flowers? Jenni used quilt squares throughout her wedding (it was at an apple orchard) and each bridesmaid bouquet had a different one, wrapped with twine. I die.


Hot date.

Check out the gorgeousness that is behind us. I love me some Virginia countryside.


I was so happy that my mom could make it! We could be twins, right? No?


The face of a happy groom (and gorgeous reception tables).

Sadly, I have no more photos of the beautiful day because I was too busy, well...enjoying it.

Best wishes to my best friend and her new husband, who, by default, is now one of my new best buds. I look forward to couples trips to the beach, cook outs at your house, board game nights, and eventually, going through something called parenthood together (yikes!). [Let's try to pretend we don't live 3,000 miles apart.]

The best is yet to come, kids. The best is yet to come.


  1. 1. you are gorgeous!!
    2. so glad you are blogging...again!

    1. You're too kind! Blushing here.

      I can never stay away from it for too long!

  2. Looks like the wedding was amazing and a lot of fun! :D
    That picture of you and Jenni is really good! Cute dress :)

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful day!


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