May 20, 2012

Dude, Get On That!

I have neglected our apartment recently. I had all these grand plans of changing our bedroom decor, creating a fun photo frame wall, and hanging some recent print purchases from Etsy.

I'm full of excuses though.

I do not have enough photo frames to even remotely cover the wall and suddenly am too cheap to buy more. Also, our apartment manager decided to replace our bedroom window which resulted in a dusty drywall mess a few weeks ago. I wasn't about to bring in new furniture into that disaster of a room. Oh, and then I decided that clothes and beach shopping (we're going to The Outer Banks in July!) took precedent over spending money on the apartment that we may or may not be living in next year (we're in the super preliminary stages of thinking about buying a house, as in, we just talk about it and dream of hardwoods, crown molding, and backyards).

Phew. So yeah. Besides my typical cleaning schedule, I have ignored all my projects, until today.

Tool Box

Brandon was out exploring Maker's Fair and I decided that enough was enough and I spent a couple hours making a few changes in the living room on what YHL likes to call, "Dude, Get On That"!

First, I pulled out some of my prints to see what I had. My brother recently restored this absolutely adorable photo of my mom. It's vintage, right?

Photo Frame Wall

It's her first grade school photo and there's also a great story behind it. She remembers crying the morning it was taken because she couldn't find a bow to wear in her hair. My grandmother quickly rummaged through the Christmas stuff, found one of those cheap paper premade bows (the ones with the sticker underneath) and plopped it on her head as she went out the door. Yup, my mom wore a Christmas wrapping bow on her head all day at school. I love her.

Mr. Owl was also given a frame.

I added the two to the wall of photos and here's where we are at right now.

Photo Frame Wall

Still a ways to go, but progress feels good. I hope to print off some of Brandon's photos from Bora Bora and from our upcoming beach vacation to add to the wall, so its not a complete wedding shrine.

If there's one thing you should know about me, its that I have this odd obsession with maps. I love them. I spend hours sometimes just browsing Google Maps of places I want to live and places I've been. It's fascinating to me. So when you combine my love of maps and the place I call home, you have a winner of a print.

Virginia Map Frame

I've had this framed for a while, but its been sitting on the floor since Christmas, when my mom bought it for me. It now is proudly displayed by our balcony door. The frame by the way, is from Crate and Barrel and is simply gorgeous. I might pick up another to fill out the wall more.

I'm not sure about the height of the photo as it sits higher than the lamp (though I do plan to get rid of that lamp at some point), but it'll do for now. I already put too many holes in the wall trying to get it straight. Shhh.

Virginia Map Frame

[Oh and those green pillows must go at some point.]

Finally, I really wanted to get my Virginia Tech / Blacksburg map (yes, another map) displayed.

Blacksburg Map

If you remember from my post on purchasing it, this map is a unique ink drawing of the town of Blacksburg, Virginia, where both Brandon and I attended school and met. [Its by Etsy Artist Karen Moleary]

Close Up Blacksburg Map

The size of the map has been difficult for me to try and find a frame for, so I played around with some of the frames in my possession and decided to experiment with this double matted frame.

Before Wall

Yes, this wall was terribly bare.

But, here it is now with the framed map and a wedding photo (which we plan to replace with art or a photography print).

After Wall

Slightly better, right? I have another matching black frame I can add to this wall, I just need a photo to put in it.

After Wall

Close up. Speaking of wedding photos, I am still narrowing down the the ones I want to display. I think my max is going to be four to five in the whole apartment and as time goes on, maybe less than that. Brandon says its kind of narcissistic to have too many photos of us on display and I can't help but agree.

And in case you're interested (probably not, but humor me), here's a list of more of my Dude, Get On That! projects:
  • Take photos of my wedding dresses to sell. Yes for real. 
  • Get our favorite wedding photo professionally framed (I have Groupon!)
  • Order a print or two for the back of our couch. 
  • Figure out how to organize and clean up Brandon's desk area. Maybe convince him to buy a new real desk. 
  • The bedroom in and of itself is a challenge to last all year. 
  • New couch purchase and new couch pillows are a must. 

Catch you six months from now when I finally start these. 

What's one project you've been meaning to get to but haven't had the chance or motivation to complete?

Do you have a limit on how many photos you display of yourself (and your significant other)?


  1. You are amazing! I love all of the photo-hanging artistry...but I was really so distracted by the adorable yellow pillow peeking out from the corner of one photo I could only focus on that. :)

    A project I've been neglecting? Oh, the whole MOVING in two weeks thing...

    1. Its an old (on sale) pillow from CB2! Yellow is my signature color!

      Yikes, moving as much as you do would drive me crazy! Especially when you have such a collection of food stuffs to pack up :)


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