Apr 6, 2012

Five Things For Friday

1. I cannot get enough of Lady A's "Dancing Away With My Heart" song. In fact, it was one of the reasons I bought tickets to their concert a few Fridays ago. Never mind that when they sang the song, the classy drunk people beside us decided to get in a fight and get themselves kicked out. I tried to ignore them and focus on these gorgeous voices.

2. After the concert, Brandon was hungry. No surprise here. The only places open were fast food restaurants, so In and Out it was. I've known about their secret menu for a while, but I didn't know you could get Neopolitan milkshakes. In and Out is kind of my Chick Fila A of the West Coast - I don't care how bad it is for me, it makes me happy and that's all that matters, right?

3. Our rent has been raised over $200 for next renewal, which resulted in brief addiction to Craigslist searching for a new place to live. We checked out a two-bedroom duplex in our ideal neighborhood (2 miles from my office!) last weekend. I quickly turned it down when it seemed to be missing the essentials; washer and dryer and dishwasher. Oh I should mention the "original" pink tile kitchen countertops. I strongly dislike tile counters (crumbs in grout - ick), especially pink ones. And at $1995/month...no thanks.

Let's just say our apartment hunt is over and we are just going to suck it up and pay the new rent increase. All of the love of my washer and dryer.

4. I love this couch.

5. I spent last weekend finishing up the Spring Cleaning of my bathroom. It included a fun trip to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. More on that later.

I seriously think that the quality of my life has improved ten-fold with the simple addition of drawer organizers. Getting ready for work has never been easier.

Now waking up for work...that's always hard.


  1. That sure is a lot of rent for the next renewal. I don't know how it works in America with you not wanting to rent due to those missing essentials but if that is something you need, then I agree with staying where you are.
    Here in South Africa, any place you rent, is without anything. You need to have everything of your own. New place come with nothing but the home itself.

    1. Our rent basically just includes water, garbage pickup and the usual maintenance on the building and grounds. No furniture of anything of that sort is included. The Bay Area is notoriously expensive when it comes to housing. There are no more places left to build and the tech companies around here are on hiring sprees, which makes the market prices of apartment skyrocket. We are staying put for a while and hoping it goes back down :)

  2. Your efforts at organization astound me. [I fail. I fail.]

    I am eternally jealous of your Lady Antebellum experience, although I honestly can't stop listening to "When You Were Mine." (Also, I really love "We Own the Night" although I bet it's overplayed. I just got in late on the game with this CD I think.]

    1. They were incredible. They were with Thompson Square (I have a feeling they are going to be huge) and Darius Rucker (he sang Hootie songs which brought me back to my childhood - love). It was a fantastic show! I think they are early on in their tour, so you should check to see if they are coming to the VA!

      Organizing for me is like cooking for you. Relieves stress and the end results make you happy.


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