Mar 25, 2012

My Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Ah, spring. Longer days. Warmer weather. Cozy rain showers (that make you sleep in until ahem, 10:30am) and of course, cleaning.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've gotten a head start on my spring cleaning (not that I had a choice, the bugs made me do it). Also, before that, we started off the season by cleaning out all of our closets and doing a re-organization of them. That was a quite a start.

You would think that our tiny 800 square foot apartment would be easy to keep clean and it should really. One bedroom, one tiny galley kitchen, one bathroom, and a small living/dining combined should barely take any time at all to clean. But, when you and your husband work 40+ hours a week and enjoy spending your weekends, well, enjoying them, then the deep cleaning stuff is normally saved for holidays, having overnight visitors and the un-welcomed guests of the entomology variety. I keep a weekly cleaning schedule though to keep things livable and up to my neat freak standards; scrubbing the bathroom and toilet, wiping down the kitchen and disinfecting the refrigerator, minor dusting and a quick run of the vacuum.

So as far as the deep cleaning goes, I have quite the list to tackle. I plan to do this over the course of the next few weeks...perhaps one room per weekend.

My Spring Cleaning To-Do List 
(brought to you by lemons and white vinegar)

  • Remove and wipe down all small appliances with all purpose cleaner. 
  • Add cabinet lining to all cabinets that currently do not have it.
  • Use the self cleaning option on the oven. 
  • Steam the microwave and wipe it down. Use this method
  • Soak and scrub all drip pans with Bar Keeper's Friend
  • Vacuum crumbs and scrub kitchen floor. 
  • Add a nice rug under the sink. 
  • Scrub sink with Bar Keeper's Friend. 
  • Clean out garbage disposal using lemon quarters. 
  • Remove old food from refrigerator and freezer. Wipe down. 
  • Organize and clean cabinet under sink. 
  • Wipe down all stainless steel using Method Le Scrub. (Method: Dampen cloth and apply small squeeze of Le Scrub, wipe down stainless steel. Let sit for five minutes. Rinse off with damp cloth)
Shopping List:
  • Cabinet lining rolls - Target
  • Kitchen rug - Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Bar Keeper's Friend - Target or Whole Foods
  • Bag of lemons - Trader Joe's
  • Organizational bins for under sink - Target

Living/Dining Room/Hallway

  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and vacuum up. 
  • Thoroughly dust bookcases and coffee table by removing all the items. 
  • Dust TV and TV stand.
  • Use a Swifter Duster cloth to dust all baseboards. 
  • Dust lamps and lamp shades.
  • Windex balcony door, inside and out. 
  • Windex hallway closet doors
Shopping List: 
  • nothing :)

  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and vacuum up. 
  • Throughly dust book case and side tables.
  • Use a Swifter Duster cloth to dust all baseboards. 
  • Windex closet doors.
  • Windex bedroom window. 
Shopping List: 

  • Replace shower caulking (more on this coming soon). 
  • Clean/dust exhaust fan
  • Scrub floors and baseboards.
  • Organize bathroom cabinets.
  • Clean hairbrush and flat iron using this method
  • Buy new rug for under sink. 
  • Windex mirrors.
  • Replace shower curtain liner. 
  • Vacuum out drawers. 
  • Use unclogging method on shower for prevention purposes. 
  • Scrub toilet.
  • Clean shower head using this method
Shopping List:
  • Bins for cabinet organization - Target or BBB
  • Rug for under sink.  - this one from Target
  • Shower Curtain Liner - this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond

The promise of getting to shop for a few new items makes me motivated to start the list. I anticipate each room to take a couple hours, so I think with a little planning, Spring Cleaning shouldn't be as daunting as I always think it will.

What are your plans for Spring Cleaning this year?

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  1. Oh wow that's quite the list! :O
    You are like spring cleaning superwoman! ;)
    Good luck! :D


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