Mar 17, 2012

From A to Z Survey

I have even more adventures in decluttering to share with you, but I thought I'd break up the redundance with a fun little survey. Since I'm all signed up for the Blend Retreat in May, I've been making a point to get to know the other bloggers who are attending. My Google Reader  has exploded with new blogs and one of my new favorites is Meals and Moves. Janatha created this survey and provided the template here. Time for some TMI.

A to Z Survey

A is for age: 28, which sounds absolutely ludicrous to me. Didn't I just graduate high school?

B is for breakfast today: Jessica's Greek Yogurt Pancakes and oven baked bacon (using this fool proof method).

C is for current craving: pizza thanks to this post by Heather's Dish. [Can I take a brief moment to say how much I adore her blog? Her recipes are genius and now she has an adorable baby boy I can gawk at. Also, she's a great photographer and lives in Colorado. We all know I love me some Colorado.]

D is for dinner tonight: pizza, how convenient considering the above.

E is for favorite type of exercise: CrossFit for sure. Except Fran. Anything but Fran. I also enjoy boogie boarding and/or bobbing up and down in the ocean if that can be considered exercise.

F is for irrational fear: Snakes. Even photos of them. Cartoons included. On a more serious note, I'm deathly afraid of being in a car crash or someone I love being in one. Same with house fires. I have been known to race back into my apartment at least twice a week thinking I left my flat iron on, regardless of the fact that mine has auto shut off.

G is for gross food: Beets (bears, Battlestar Galactica - how much do you hate this joke?), salmon, sushi, raw almond butter, but by far, mayonaise is the worst.

H is for hometown: Good old, Strasburg, Virginia.

I is for something important: spending time with my husband, friends, and family. I truly feel on top of the world when I'm with these people.

Emma, me, my mom, and my brother, Jayme
J is for current jam: I crank up the speakers when Run by Matt Nathanson (and Jennifer Nettles) comes on.

I'm also a huge fan of Lady Antebellum. We are seeing them in concert next Friday! 

K is for kids: Someday...for right now, I just want to buy cute kid clothes and pick out names, because that's the fun part, right? I have decided my daughter will be named Sophie. Maybe by 2017 it won't be at the top of the popular names list anymore. [It's Emma's middle name and reminds me of Sophia on the Golden Girls. Win.]

L is current location: We live in Sunnyvale, CA. It's between San Jose and San Francisco. Specifically, I'm on my couch with a blanket, because its cold and rainy. 

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Salad and coconut water from Whole Foods.

N is for something you need: a pedicure. I won't provide a photo with this one. You are just going to have to take my word for it. 

O is for occupation :  I work in the world of philanthropy. I love my job. 

Pet peeve: People who wear perfume or cologne, especially at the gym. Cracking gum. When someone doesn't use their turn signal. Fake nails. 

Q is for quote: [Let me check Pinterest]

R is for random fact about you: I once was a dog nanny for a day at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto. I got paid $18 an hour for watching this prissy little malti-poo. He wasn't allowed to go outside, so he peed on puppy pads. This was right when I moved to California. It was my "Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore" moment. 

S is for favorite healthy snack: Cucumbers, peeled and sliced. If they weren't such a pain to peel, I probably eat four-five every day. 

T is for favorite treat: Lemon flavored anything. Especially cupcakes. 

Or cheesy goldfish crackers. I'm five years old apparently.

U is for something that makes you unique: I'm doubled joined in both of my thumbs. I am thus really good at thumb wrestling. Unless your hands are bigger than mine, then I suck at it.

V is for favorite vegetable: Cucumbers, see above.

W is for today's workout: I think you've caught me on a rest day. Edited: I actually got my butt off the couch (pun intended) to complete Week 6, Day 3 of Couch to 5K. Perhaps it was the lure of the new gym I'm thinking of joining.

X is for X-rays you've had: My arm when I fell off a chair in 1st grade, my foot when a horse stepped on it a few years ago.

Y is for yesterday's highlight: trying authentic Indian food for the first time. I shared this masala dosa with Brandon.

Z is for your time zone: Pacific Standard Time


  1. Oh I LOVE survey's! If you don't mind I will be stealing this one from you and using it on my blog! ;)
    It's such a fun way to learn more about someone...
    I feel so honored that you want to name your daughter Sophie! ;) It really is a very pretty name! If I may say so myself ;) My favorite name is Julia! I've loved that for as long as I can remember, I think all my dolls were always named Julia! ;)
    Haha I love you Dorothy moment! ;)
    I've been wanting to try Indian food for ages! They usually have a lot of vegetarian options! and I LOVE curry! I've also been wanting to make it myself, but it's too complicated ;) There's a good place here in Maastricht so I might go sometime soon!
    And that song is so good!! :O

    1. You are more than welcome to steal this survey. It really is one of the best ones circulating right now. I feel so juvenile doing it, but it's a great way to get to know someone!

      I've been in love with the name Sophie for years now. And the name Emma as well. Your parents are super trendy. Julia is beautiful as well and classic!

      The Indian restaurant was completely vegetarian - something totally new for us. I actually had NO MEAT at all on Friday. That's never happened.

  2. I loved reading this because it reminded me even MORE how similar we are. I don't even know where to begin on saying "Oh! Me too!"

    Lady Antebellum? SO jealous. SO SO SO SO SO jealous.

    "Keep calm and call your mom"? Always.

    As for mayo...I'm sad that that restricts you from pimiento cheese consumption...but I'll get over it.

    1. Yes, mayo and I don't get along. Just thinking about it makes me gag. Perhaps you could sub the mayo in your pimento cheese with greek yogurt?


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