Mar 5, 2012


I'm slowly making progress on the frame wall. Now that Mr. Owl has been ordered, I'm just waiting for him to be shipped and I need to make a quick trip to Ikea for some more frames. I also got suckered into Etsy for more fun prints and discovered this unique one.

Photo courtesy of StudioKMO

First of all, I love maps. I could spend hours on Google Earth stalking looking at places I'd like to travel to. What I also love is Blacksburg, Virginia. It's where Brandon and I met and went to school (go Hokies!). We have some very fond memories of that little town (yes, despite having one of the largest universities in Virginia, its actually a very small town). So imagine my excitement when I discovered this unique map of no other than our cherished Blacksburg. It made my heart pitter patter and I snatched it up. It's pretty large, so I think it might be front and center in the photo frame wall. Speaking of which...

Makin' progress!

The other night I spent about 30 minute framing some wedding photos to add to the wall. I feel that there's a very thin line of having and enjoying photos of you and your significant other in your home and building a shrine of yourselves. Because of that, I chose only three wedding photos to hang (as I already have two others on our bookcases and have a large one that's getting professionally framed) and even at that, I think its overkill. But then again, we paid a lot of money for those babies. I just might have to switch out a few if it looks like our apartment is looking a bit narcissistic after the project is complete. I don't know. I'm torn. You decide...what's your take on wedding/couple photos in the home. How much is too much?

Enough chatter, let's see the photos already!

My Hallelujah/ I'm married/it's over/ I'm going to Bora Bora photo. 

We call this "The Fairytale Shot".

A few nights ago, I stopped by Michaels for some scrapbook paper and was pleasantly surprised by their selection and prices (.59 cents each). Paired with the Ikea frames (which were 3.99-5.99), the "art" was definitely a steal.

All the frames/photos were looking pretty girly at this point, but I couldn't help throwing in this French script writing paper. My handwriting would never live up.

I totally stole this idea from Pinterest and printed out the dates on which we met, were engaged, and married. Cheap, easy and cute. 

All together now (minus the few I haven't framed)...

The empty frame in the middle is for Mr. Owl. I like the look of this arrangement, but I do have a long ways to go, as I need to fill up this wall. The diplomas and VA Tech print are going down (and saved until we have an office one day).

This is definitely a long term project, but I think I might hang what I have and just add to it from there. That's the beauty in asymmetrical frame hanging. 

Do you have a limit on how many couple/wedding photos you have displayed?


  1. It's all coming together nicely! Look at you, getting all HGTV on me, haha :)

    1. Thanks! Haha, yes. I love being compared to my favorite network!


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