Mar 3, 2012

Bedroom Before Photos and Vision Board

I'm making a lot of progress on the frame wall and hope to share photos soon. I probably should finish that project before taking on another one, but a burst of motivation and inspiration had me thinking about what I'd like to accomplish in our bedroom. Actually, it was out of sheer frustration because, well, I'm simply over this room.

This is what our current bedroom looks like.

Our mattress is fairly new, but we'd like to upgrade it in a couple years to a Tempurpedic. Our bed currently sits on a cheap metal frame that came with the mattress set. I thought about buying a bed skirt to cover it, but found an old off-white fitted sheet that I put on the box spring in the meantime. It helped a bit, but I am just itching for a real bedframe.

I'm not overly in love with this bookcase as it kind of reminds me of something you'd see in a college apartment. We are going to try and sell this on Craigslist because its actually in good shape and pretty sturdy.

This is probably what I hate most about the room. Brandon's little dresser has never functioned right and as you can see, the drawers won't shut. It's literally falling apart.

This little Ikea table (just $7.99) serves as my nightstand. I'd love to replace it with something that has a little drawer to hide my Kindle, glasses, lotion, etc.

One project I have completed is my closet. I organized it last weekend and it's simply a joy to use now. Putting away clothes has never been easier as well as choosing what to wear in the morning. I would like to upgrade it a bit though with some nice wooden hangers.

I bought these grommet gray curtains for $30 a set from Target a few months ago and just noticed this morning that I had attached them to the rod wrong. So off they went and I ironed them again for a fresh look. For just a mere $30, I think they really add to the room and are definitely my starting point for inspiration

So as you can see, we have our work cut out for us when it comes to the bedroom. The walls are bare. The furniture is old and not useful at all. I do like our white bedding (I sleep best on white bedding for some reason), so that will stay, but I'd like to spruce up the bed a bit with some fun pillows and maybe a printed throw blanket. 

Here's what I'm envisioning:

This inspiration board was easily created with drawing Google Doc and you can access by clicking here (update 8/19/12 - I've made some major changes to the board and the following scheme does not exactly apply...) The color scheme will be pretty beach-y with our cream colored walls (though I wish I could paint them a light slate grayish bue like in the headboard photo) off-white carpet, blue/green pillows on the bed, a bright white dresser and our current slate gray curtains. The bed frame we both fell in love with, but it's pretty pricey ($900 from West Elm), so we are keeping our eyes out for something similar at a lower price. Same goes with the mirror. I bet Home Goods or Marshalls may carry something like this Crate and Barrel masterpiece. 

There are two rules though in regards to the bedroom redo:

  1. We cannot make any major purchases (bed frame, dresser) until both of us are completely sold. In other words, if one of us loves it and the other doesn't, then we don't get it. 
  2. We aren't bringing anything new into the bedroom (or any other room in the apartment for that matter) until we get rid of all the clutter in our closets and storage room. Everything that we aren't using and will never use has to go. 
In regards to Rule 1, Brandon, I've learned, is a very visual person. I showed him some of things I'd picked out for the bedroom individually and he wasn't too thrilled about them. When I pulled them together on the inspiration board, it all kind of clicked in his head (except the pillows, he hates decorative throw pills and patterns).

Rule 2 is going to be really hard for me. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Ikea dresser and start organizing our clothes in there. But first things first. The next few weekends will be devoted to cleaning out closets and organizing what we are keeping. It will give us a better sense of what we need and we won't be living in a state of cluttered chaos while we bring in new things for the bedroom.

What's one thing you'd like to change about your current bedroom?


  1. Everything you picked out looks nice! Good luck on the re-doing and I can't wait to see the results! :D
    Haha those $7.99 ikea tables are such lifesavers aren't they? ;) we have two of those serving as our coffeetable for now, but we are also hoping to get something nicer soon.
    I wish my bedroom wasn't so tiny! ;)

    1. Yes! They are super cheap tables and so easy to put together. We need another little table on the balcony for plants, so I'm hoping that it will live out there once I find a replacement.

      I wouldn't call our bedroom tiny, I'd say its more cozy than small :)

  2. I LOVE that headboard. Love, love, love. I think your vision looks gorgeous!


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