Jan 9, 2012

Target Owns Me

I forgot to include a photo of my Oreo truffles in the last post.

They were super easy to make (only three ingredients) and were a hit with our guests last night. I found them to be really rich, so I was satisfied with just one or two. You can find the recipe all over the Internet, but the real trick in making these is to make sure you use two forks to dip them in the chocolate. It keeps your hands clean and the excess chocolate falls off quite easily. (Much easier than cake balls, Emma ;) )

I had to make a trip to Target yesterday to return a mixer that we purchased for our Thanksgiving dinner and had never worked. Since I had lost the receipt, I got store credit. I should have walked out of the store then and there, but naturally, 40 minutes later, I left with a bunch of new stuff for our apartment. 

I have been telling myself for ages now that I wanted to spruce up our apartment. It needs help and is void of any design and consists mainly of Ikea furniture. Its definitely a work in progress.

I had to get this cute soap dispenser for the bathroom. I saw it at a friend's house and just love the unique pump.

This basket was actually a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel, but I finally got around to putting in the bathroom. It hides typical bathroom necessities.

Hard to tell from the photo, but I got the shower curtain rings with the little balls on them. It makes opening and closing the shower curtain much easier. Oh the little things in life...

Now for the most exciting purchase: new bedroom curtains!

The before:

I seriously don't know what I was thinking buying these boring white, too-short curtains (especially when our bed linens are white, too). I have hated them for a year now and am happy to say goodbye and hello to new ones:

The after:

These curtains are similar texture as the old, but they are in a light gray color, longer, floor length, and attach with grommets. I love how they immediately start to pull the room together. Now if only we could get rid of the cheap Ikea furniture and get some prints on the walls...

Can I ever go to Target without buying new shoes? I saw these in another girl's cart and high-tailed to the shoe section to check them out for myself. Impulse buy, but I cannot wait to wear them tomorrow.

Not pictured: a small cloth tote for our mail.

The good news is that I paid $7.95 for all of this. I received a ton of Target gift cards for Christmas from my family (they know me well) and I'm happy that I used them for house stuff instead of saving them for groceries, cleaning supplies or paper products, like normally.

Oh Target, you own me.


  1. Love those shoes! I have a similar pair from a few years ago in an orange and brown hibiscus print. Too cute!

    1. I almost bought the orange ones, too. And the black. I have problems.

      Hope everything is going well with the move!

  2. Those Oreo truffles sure look delicious! and indeed a lot easier than cake balls! ;) I made cake pops for Christmas and I have now seriously vowed to hate them forever and never make them again! As cute as they are, they're a pain in the butts! ;)
    I love target as well! It's like walmart (because it has everything), but then better (because it's clean)! ;) I love the new curtains and shoes! Great buys! :D


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