Jul 25, 2017

41+ Weeks

41 Weeks

I'm 9 days overdue today and unless things happen on their own in the next 12 hours, I'll start the induction process tonight.

I saw my doctor on Friday morning and the good news is that this babe still doing great in her little home. She passed her non stress test with flying colors, I was having regular (non painful) contractions, and as far as cervical checks go, the doctor said that I'm making progress, though very slowly. Progress is progress right? Acupuncture did the trick and turned this little girl from sunny side up to anterior and we all started cheering and laughing. My doctor's demeanor is seriously one of the best. Even though she told me to go to acupuncture, she was still so shocked that it worked and said babies don't normally turn this far along unless I'm in labor. I thought maybe this, coupled with some of the natural induction techniques I was going to continue use over the weekend, would surely set things into motion.


Do I get points for trying though?

I've walked and walked and walked. Brandon: "Should I feel bad that my 10 month pregnant wife is getting more steps than me?" I drank as many cups of red raspberry leaf tea that I could stand in this heat (fact: I am officially OVER summer). I faithfully took evening primrose oil capsules. We ordered the hottest salsa on the menu when we went out for Mexican food. I cleaned and nested (as well as I can at this point). I bounced on the exercise ball. I did a full blown workout on the exercise ball.

So despite my best efforts, we are looking at a scheduled induction tonight, starting with a Cervidil insertion at 7pm (Tuesday, 7/25). I had a long chat with my doctor about the benefits of waiting until 42 weeks versus now and her thoughts on my chances of going into labor naturally by then. I researched Bishop scores and read articles written by midwives and induced birth stories. Ultimately, I felt like it was the right decision and Brandon agreed. I always said I'd go into this labor business keeping an open mind, going with my intuition, and obviously listening to the advice of my doctor. So that's exactly what I'm doing and the more I let it sink in, the better I feel about it.

As we were saying goodbye to her on Friday, I happened to joke that I am just a few days away from a turkey sandwich to which she responded with, "Oh goodness honey, you go eat a turkey sandwich! You deserve it and there's no risk anymore." So last night we had turkey subs from Jersey Mike's and it was so amazing I didn't care that I dripped olive oil and vinegar down the front of my shirt.

How am I feeling? I cannot even describe the emotions, so I won't even try to go in depth here (how are you supposed to feel when your life is about to change in the most major/best way ever?), but I will say that I'm at peace. I'm content, not nervous, not anxious (though talk to me around 6pm tonight...). Just more than ready to meet her, bring her home, and start our new life.

Next post will be an introduction to our daughter, with her apologies for being fashionably late :)

Jul 19, 2017

40+ Weeks

Still here. Still pregnant.

Everyone thought I'd go early. I don't know why. Maybe because my stomach is huge or that my body is on the shorter side and she'd have no place to go but out? But I knew better. In the back of my mind, I've always figured I'd go over or need to be induced. And I'm trying to be okay with that.

We had a long appointment yesterday that started with a non stress test. This is basically where her heart rate and my contractions are monitored to see how's she doing in there. Though she was asleep at first, they woke her up with a buzzer (rude!) and she passed her first test! So proud. The procedure was actually very relaxing and Brandon and I simply enjoyed sitting there and listening to her heartbeat. I almost fell asleep. And yes, I'm having contractions and I do feel them, but they are nothing more than some pressure and on the pain scale of a light to medium menstrual cramp. I had two good ones in a 20 minute period.

Next we checked in with my doctor who did an ultrasound and determined that not only do I have enough amniotic fluid, I have "an Olympic sized swimming pool". So basically little Michael Phelps is just chilling in there with a lot of room to swim around. All good news.

The bad news is that I'm not progressing. At all. I'm having the aforementioned contractions, but they are doing nothing for me. My cervix is up there in no man's land, so I don't even quality for a membrane sweep at this point. My doctor was so sweet when she was checking, apologizing profusely for the pain it put me in and cursing under her breath because she really wanted to see me progress. She seemed more upset than I was (I had prepped myself before going in). In other bad news, the baby is sunny side up, which is not good combined with my narrow pelvis and leads my doctor to be a bit concerned on if she'll fit through the birth canal.

Whomp. Whoooomp.

Based on this info, we talked about induction. She said she'd let me go to 42 weeks (July 30th), but suggested we set a date for mid to late next week (July 25th - 27th). I'll find out more from my appointment on Friday as she wanted to check the on call schedule and see if she's on call next week so I won't have to use another doctor (my practice does doctor rotations). She asked what my labor goals were and I looked at Brandon and we just said obviously that the baby's health comes first and we planned to go into labor with an open mind. I did mention that, of course, I'd like to avoid a c-section (who wouldn't?) and Pitocin if possible, but understood if things did not go according to that plan. She looked me in the eye, put her hand on my knee and said, "I will do everything I can to help you achieve that." In that moment, I knew I picked the best possible doctor for me and my baby and I'd trust her opinion, without a doubt, moving forward.

I asked if there was anything I could do. Obviously the natural methods of induction are not scientifically proven, but I'd rather do something and feel like I have some kind of control over the situation, even if it's fake. She said definitely go to my acupuncturist (I went first thing this morning and will go back on Friday) and keep up the walks. I'm drinking raspberry leaf tea, taking Evening Primrose Oil, eating pineapple, and adding hot pepper flakes to just about everything I eat. I heard a chiropractor can help move things along, so I'm considering that too.

I go from feeling super frustrated about all of it to feeling really relaxed and calm. I know I'm in good hands and I know that at some point in the near future (or at least by July 30th), she will be here. And even though I really really don't want to be induced, I do like the fact that we'd have a date set in stone. Being Type A planners, this suits our personalities. So as for now, I'm soaking up my lazy days of Netflix, long walks, and meeting friends for tea or lunch. I'm doing my best to deal with how uncomfortable I am and appreciating the fact that she's healthy and my pregnancy has been so low key. Definitely the calm before the storm over here.

Jul 9, 2017

39 Weeks

39 Weeks

In case you missed it, nursery tour is up!

For the past 35 weeks, I've always looked forward to Sunday mornings. I'd open my eyes, find my phone and thumb my way through all of my pregnancy apps to read about my my new week of pregnancy. Such a first time mom thing, but I have no shame.

I was thinking today of how much I'll miss this little ritual; reading about what is happening with her development, how big she is getting, and what is happening to my body (every week was a variation of: everything will hurt and you feel like dying). It's so hard to believe that I may only have one more of these Sundays left (if that!).

How far along: 39 weeks

Baby is the size of a: at this point, let's just say she's the size of a newborn baby, because, well, she is.

Due date: 7.16.17

Weight gain: Oh gosh, I lost count and don't even care at this point. I think I'm up about 27-29 pounds all together? It's piling on FAST because my name is Maria and I love food right now. I don't understand how women in the third trimester say that they don't have room for food as I sure am finding extra stomachs in there. Though I will say that 30 minutes later, I regret the amount of food and proclaim I'm never eating again. To be honest, I think I'm just bored now that everything is ready (and umm, I have a very stocked freezer, fridge, and pantry) and I'm just really anxious for her to come. The restlessness, coupled with not being able to physically do much anymore, is killing me.

Exercise: Besides the few days where it's really hot out, I've been getting in nice long walks, usually between 20-60 minutes. I go as fast as I can while keeping an eye on my heart rate to make sure it's staying low. I'm averaging around 10k steps a day (walks or not), which I'm super proud of!

Stretch marks: Nope! Stretch marks, you have one more week. Otherwise, I win.

Sleep: I get up a few times to go to the bathroom, but I'm sleeping solidly from about 11pm - 7 or 8am. No insomnia. In fact, I am out as soon as my head hits the pillow. My body must know what it is in for and is banking sleep while it can.

Food cravings: I'm notorious for having a preference of salty over sweet and even had sweet aversions in my first trimester, but now I cannot get enough ice cream! I love the mini vanilla cones from Trader Joe's, Talenti Salted Caramel and the Twix Flavor of the Month at Baskin Robbins.

Oh and I've purchased two more bags of ice from Chick Fil A. They lasted a week.

Symptoms: I always feel like I'm complaining when I list these and I am. Ha! No, I must say I've had it easy compared to others. No leg cramps, no heartburn, no insomnia, no stretch marks. My carpal tunnel is even going away, which I think is attributed to not working anymore. Do I wish it didn't take grunting and a few prayers to get up off the sofa? Yup. Do I wish my skin would stop breaking out and the mask of pregnancy would disappear? Yes. But, I really don't have much longer left and I'm enjoying this bump and all that she brings to the table: the good and the bad. I feel like I'll miss being pregnant and so grateful that I was able to experience it, so I'm going cherish these last few weeks/days as best as I can.

Movement: Her ninja moves now make me jump! They are forceful, hard, and at times, uncomfortable or painful. She's most active at night when we are watching TV. It can be quite the distraction, but I love every minute.

What I miss: the usual suspects: sleeping on my stomach, deli sandwiches, and Diet Coke.

What I'm loving: Seeing expiration dates on food as I purchase them and knowing that by the time they expire, I'll have her with me! Having someone else clean my house! I gave myself a little gift of a professional house deep clean and oh man. If I had an infinite supply of money...this is the first thing I'd splurge on! Those ladies were ninjas and yes, I hugged them.

Labor Signs: At my last appointment (38 weeks), my doctor checked my cervix and let me tell you...that ish HURTS. I don't think I've read about anyone else experiencing the type of pain I had with a basic cervical check, so I guess I'm just a major wimp. It was traumatic, partially due to the fact that she's really comfortable in there and still very high. My cervix is very posterior, high, closed, and not "ripe" at all. I apologize for any visual images that gives you. My OB had a really hard time reaching it and finally (thank you God), just had to give up.

Labor should be fun!

So yeah, no progress at all, despite the fact that I am having a lot of contractions/cramping. I'm assuming it's all false labor because clearly they are not working towards anything. Even still, I carry around this cheap water proof pad I bought off Amazon in case my water breaks on our sofa, bed, or my office chair. Can't be too careful.

Next Appointment: Wednesday. I am seeing another doctor in my practice and still deciding if I want him to do a check on me or not. Cervical checks mean nothing, so I could be 3cm dilated and have to be induced OR I could be where I am now (not dilated) and go into labor tomorrow. It's my choice to have the checks done, so I can back out...but then I'd be curious. We'll see how I feel that day.

Baby Purchases: 


I realized I had exactly three things in newborn size, so I went to Carter's and bought a few NB sized sleepers that were on clearance. I know she'll grow out of them super fast (so everyone tells me), but I felt like she had nothing to wear from the get-go.

Swaddle Blankets

I also snagged two Copper Pearl swaddle blankets at 20% off after hearing my coworker rave about them. Oh my gosh, they are so soft and stretchy.

Nuna Sena

Last but not least, our play yard came! If you recall, I was debating over the 4Moms Breeze, Guava Lotus, and Nuna Sena Aire. I ultimately chose the Nuna Sena after realizing it had a much larger bassinet than the others (for her to grow in) and had the option to add a changer, which we needed for our bedroom. Additionally, its safety features won me over. The mattress is totally breathable, machine washable, solid, but still feels comfy. They also included an organic sheet, which none of the other companies did (they were sold separately and like $30 each!). I know this is silly and minor, but we love how it came in a nice neutral gray and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in our bedroom (note: it will go next to the bed and not in front of this door).

If I had one gripe about it, it's that it's kind of hard to fit into the travel bag, even though it's super easy to set up and take down. Hopefully we'll figure it out, but we obviously don't need to worry about that for a while.

Diaper Caddy

I also put together a little changing station for our room. I filled this mint bin from Target (I love these bins and have them all over my house!) with some diapers, wipes, washcloths, a changing pad liner, and some antibacterial wipes in case things get ugly.


Days until due date: 7
Days until we talk induction: 14ish
Cervical checks completed: 1
Cervical checks desired: 0
Bags of Chick Fil A ice: 3
Times I've gone into labor: 0
Times I've thought I'm going into labor: infinite

Well, this could be my last update, but if my intuition is correct, she's not coming anytime soon...

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